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Thousands of students use CrashDwell to rent out their apartments and find a place to stay for a few weeks or months.

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No more scams! We handle all the money so it’s safe and sound. Hosts enjoy the assurance of a 100% guaranteed payment. Guests enjoy comprehensive protection from any fraud or dishonesty.

Find someone you can trust

Meet and live with verified students or alumni you can trust. Our team personally assists every host and guest find the best match. Find the best places to live in and people to live with.

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    What people are saying

    Before CrashDwell, I browsed Craigslist for hours, and almost every post was full of false information or scams. It was a total disaster. CrashDwell completely transforms the subletting and apartment search experience. I would totally recommend it.

    Jesse, Harvard student

    Subletting is difficult because you are letting someone else live in your space. CrashDwell lets you go beyond just the people that you know, but at the same time it’s people you can trust. It’s an easy way of getting the stressful process of subletting done quickly.

    Alejandra, NYU student

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